Fuel System Servicing

EGR Servicing

Carburetor Overhauling

Carburetor Overhauling (Dual)

Carburetor Cable Adjustment

Carburetor Replace

Fuel Filter Replace

Fuel Filter Replace-EFI System

Fuel Pump Replace (Carbo)

Fuel Pump Replace (Voxy)

Fuel Pump Replace (EFI System)With Fuel Tank Open Fitting

Fuel Filter Replace (EFI System)With Fuel Tank Open Fitting

Fuel Tank Wash

Fuel Line Cleaning

Fuel Tank Sending Unit Replace

Accelerator Cable Replace

High Pressure Pump Servicing (Petrol)

High Pressure Pump Servicing (Diesel)

Injector Testing & Servicing

Injector Seal Replace

Injector Servicing With Intake Manifold Open & Fitting

Throttle Body Servicing

Throttle Body Servicing (Four)

CNG Tuning

CNG Kit Servicing

CNG Cylinder Servicing

CNG System Check-Up

CNG Wiring Check-Up

CNG System Installation

CNG Selector Switch Repair

CNG Refilling Valve Check & Servicing


Engine Oil, Oil Filter Replace

Oil Sump Replace

Oil Pump Replace

Oil Pressure Switch Replace

Oil Sump Open, Fitting & Servicing


Ignition System Overhauling

Ignition Coil Replace

Ignition Coil Replace With Intake Manifold Open & Fitting

Distributor Replace

C.B Point/Condenser Replace

Spark Plug Replace

Spark Plug Replace(Intake manifold open & fitting

High Tension Lead Replace

Distributor Overhauling

Distributor Oil Seal (Inner side) Replace


EFI System Checkup & Repair (Complete)

EFI System Checkup & Repair (Major)

EFI System Checkup & Repair (Minor)

EFI System Check

EFI Fault Code Finding

EFI Scanning

Computerized Engine Analysis

Computerized Engine Tune up

Valve / Tappet Adjustment Check

Valve / Tappet Adjustment

Engine Compression check (Petrol)

Engine Compression Check (Diesel)

Intake Manifold Open Fitting

Idle RPM Adjust On EFI Scanner

VVTI System Servicing


Engine Overhauling

Engine Top Overhauling

Engine Assembly Replacement

Engine Valve Timing Belt Replacement

Valve Timing Chain Replace

Internal Timing Check

Engine Timing Cover Oil Seal Replace

Engine Main Oil Seal Replace

Engine Mounting Replace-Each

Speedometer Cable Replace

Engine Drive Belt Fitting / Replace

Head Gasket Replace

Tappet Cover Gasket Replace

Plug Guide Oil Seal Replace

Exhaust Open Fitting


Radiator Wash/Flush

Water Pump Replace

Hose Pipe Replace-Each

Thermostat Switch Replace

Thermostat Valve Replace

Cooling Fan Replace

Fan Belt Replace

Coolant Temperature Switch Replace

Radiator Replace

Radiator Fan Motor Replace


Brake Shoe Replace (Rear)

Brake Pad Replace (Front)

Master Cylinder Replace

Master Cylinder Overhauling

Wheel Cylinder Assembly Replace-each

Caliper Kit Replace-Each

Wheel Cylinder Assy.Overhauling (Each)

Front Brake Hose/ Pipe Replace

Brake Servicing (Both Side)

Brake Booster Replace

Brake Booster Check Valve Replace

Parking Brake Assembly Overhauling

Parking Brake Cable Replace


General Service

Oil Change & General Check-Up

Car Wash

Interior Cleaning & Wash

Exterior Polish


Clutch/ Pressure Plate Replace

Clutch Master Cylinder Replace

Clutch Master Cylinder Overhauling

Clutch Sleeve Cylinder Replace

Clutch Sleeve Cylinder Overhauling

Clutch Pedal Adjustment

Clutch Cable Replace

Clutch System Overhauling


Suspension System Overhauling

Shock Absorber Replace-Each

Shock Absorber Mounting Replace-Each

Cross Member Assembly Replace

Front Upper arm Assy./Bushing Replace

Rear Cross Bar Bush Replace

Front Upper arm Ball Joint Replace-Each

Front Lower Arm Assy/Bush Replace-Each

Front Lower Arm Ball Joint Replace-Each

Front Leaf Spring Replace-Each Side

Rear Leaf Spring Replace-Each Side

Front Spring Shackle/Bushing Replace

Strut bar Replace-Each

Stabilizer Assey/ Bushing Replace-Each

Ball Joint Replace-Each


Front Wheel/ Hub Replace-Each

Rear Wheel / Hobs Replace-Each

Front Hub/Wheel Bearing Replace-Each

Front Wheel Bearing Oil Seal Replace-Each

Wheel Bearing Replace/Service-Each

Wheel Bearing Adjust-Each

Wheel Bearing Oil Seal Replace-Each

Tube Leak repair(per leak)

Tubeless valve Replace-Each

Tubeless Tire Replace-Each

Tire Open & Fitting-Each

Wheel Open & Nozzle Replace-Each

Wheel Vulcanizing-Each

Wheel Rotation


Rack-end Replace-Each

Hanger Replace-Each

Tie Rod-end Replace-Each

Link-rod Replace

Steering Column Replace/ Service

Steering Gear Box Replace

Power Steering Pump Replace

Power Steering Pipe Replace

Power Steering Box Replacee

C.V Joint Replace/Service

C.V Joint Boot Replace-Each

Knuckle Joint Boot Replace-Each

Power Pump Repair


Gear Box Overhauling (Manual)

Automatic Gear Box Overhauling

Automatic Gear Steiner Servicing

Automatic Gear Box Valve Body Servicing

Auto Transmission Fluid Replace

Auto Transmission Fluid Replace (CVT)

Gear Box Replace (Manual)

Automatic Gear Box Replace

Differential Assembly Replace

Differential Overhauling

Front Axle Shaft Replace /Service

Rear Axle Shaft Replace/ Service

Rear Axle Shaft Oil Seal Replace

Knuckle Arm Replace

Knuckle Oil Seal Replace

King Pin Bearing Replace

Propeller Shaft Mounting Replace

Propeller Shaft Bearing Replace

Auto Gear Box Cable Adjusting

Auto Gear Box Cable Replace


Fuse Box (Power Source) Replace

Fuse Box (Power Source) Repair

Ignition Switch Replace

Ignition Switch Repair

Head Light & Taillight (Bulb) Replace-Each

Head Light Aim Adjustment

Combination Switch Replace

Combination Switch Repair

Fog Light Replace-Each

Backup Light Replace-Each

Neutral Start Switch Replace

Neutral Start Switch Repair

Stop Light Switch Replace

Stop Light Switch Repair

Wiper & Washer System Replace

Wiper & Washer System Repair

Door Courtesy Switch Replace

Door Courtesy Switch Repair

Vehicle Speed Sensor Replace

Vehicle Speed Sensor Repair

Combination Meter Servicing/ Replace

Combination Meter Repair

Defogger System Repair

Power Window Master Switch Replace

Door Train Board Open & Fitting

Power Window Master Switch Replace-Each

Power Window Master Switch Repair-Each

Power Window Switch Replace-Each

Lighting System Check

Power Window Motor Repair

Door Lock Assembly Replace

Door Lock Assembly Repair

Power Mirror Control Replace

Power Mirror Control Repair

Mirror Mechanism Replace-Each

Mirror Switch Replace

Mirror Switch Repair

Audio System Replace

Audio System Repair

Complete Dash Board Open & Fitting

Speaker Replace-Each

Cassette Tape Replace

CD Replace

Clock Replace

Clock Repair

E.C.T Diagnosis

E.C.T Check

E.C.T Check & Repair (Minor)

E.C.T Repair (Major)

E.C.T System Check & New Wiring

T.E.M.S Check & Repair (Minor)

T.E.M.S Repair (Major)

A.B.S Diagnosis

A.B.S Check & Repair (Minor)

A.B.S Repair (Major)

A.B.S Module Repair

Tire Inflation Check & Repair (Minor)

S.R.S Diagnosis

S.R.S (air bag) Check & Repair (Minor)

S.R.S (air bag) Repair (Major)

Igniter Replace

High Tension cord Replace

Distributor (With ignition coil) Replace

Starter Replace

Starter Relay Replace

Starter Motor Overhauling

Alternator Overhauling

Alternator replace

Horn Replace

Horn Relay Replace

E.P.S Diagnosis

E.P.S. Check & Repair (Minor)

E.P.S. Check & Repair (Major)

Air Flow Sensor Servicing

Traction Control System Check & Repair T.R.C

A/C Overhauling

A/C Overhauling (Duel)

A/C Overhauling (with dash board opening &fitting)

A/C Overhauling (with dash board opening & fitting) /Duel

A/C Gas Charge (R-12)

A/C Gas Charge (R-12) Duel

A/C Gas Charge (134-a)

A/C Gas Charge (134 Duel)

A/C Adjuster Bearing Replace

A/C Compressor Bearing Replace

A/C Outside Servicing

A/C System New Fitting

A/C Compressor Replace

Blower Motor Replace

Blower Motor Repair

Condenser Fan Replace

Blower Resistor Replace

Air Conditioner Amplifier Replace

Engine Wiring Complete

Engine Wiring Complete (Modify )

Engine & ECT Wiring Complete

Engine & ECT Wiring Complete (Modify)

Turbo Timer Fitting

A/C Electric Line Check & Repair (Minor)

A/C Electric Line Check & Repair (Major)

Denting and Painting

Depend on works

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