This is Panchagarh motor workshop. We started in 1998. We believe that the collective contribution of each individual can propel Bangladesh towards a new height of recognition within our border, and beyond. Over the years, we went to diversified from the trading business to manufacturing and sole distributorship. Panchagarh motor workshop has remained true to providing customers with the very best in product selection and service. The Panchagarh motor workshop continually invests in modernizing its management system and designs specific in-house training programs targeted towards improving the creative abilities of its people. Panchagarh motor workshop is confident that the trust and goodwill of its customers, the vast experience of its management, and the dedication of its work force, will enable the organization to lead Bangladesh towards a prosperous future. As a nation, we are fighters. We fight for our language, to fight for our home, our future generations. Bangladesh was born, united and spirited. With the same spirit, a new family rose, believing in developing the nation by developing individuals. Panchagarh motor workshop is one of the largest Business House in the country.

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